Constipation is the endemic evil caused by meat, pasta, sweets, white bread, milk, cheese, ice creams, coffee, a sedentary life, stale air, and elegant toilets in which we relax and rest … and reflect on our own gastro-intestinal disgrace, on our own chronic constipation, mother of all the pathologies in the world, and of all the innocent bacteria (called to banquet on the abundant waste matter) and all the extremely innocent viruses (the inert cellular detritus, derived from our internal cellular pestilences, which accumulates for temporary lack of metabolic efficiency).

If you are still struggling to make it through your days with your chronic health symptoms and conditions then you’re about to discover a simple and inexpensive way to resolve your problem!

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Constipation is an embarrassing medical problem that costs at health services millions consultations each year concern patients with constipation.

Doctors prescribe more drugs for constipation than they do for patients with diabetes or high blood pressure.

The usual method of treating constipation is to prescribe laxatives, which are the 12th most prescribed drug in the world. Currently, three-fifth of the over-65s use laxatives.

For optimal health, you should be passing one or two bowel movements each day! Anything less is considered constipation.

Official reports shown than more than 25% of world humans population are constipated at any given time.

The problem with being constipated is
that your body’s waste does not get to its final destination – the toilet

natural constipation cure

Rather, it sits in your colon, putrefying and expelling more toxins back into your body. This is called autointoxication and is a serious health concern if it persists over time.

Think about it. If you were to let garbage pile up in your home for weeks, months, or years can you imagine the type of disgusting and toxic environment you’d be creating?

Well, the same thing happens in your body if your “garbage” is not regularly removed.

Over time, these endogenous toxins will be stored in your fat tissue which includes your fat cells, brain, and nervous tissue. It’s no wonder there’s a considerable correlation between constipation, autointoxication, and degenerative diseases!

‘Clear Constipation’ Herbs Formule For a Natural and Regular Bowel Movements.

Why use ‘Clear Constipation’ grains and not other current products ?

What makes this product so special?


‘Clear Constipation’ formula contains a mix of herbs according to a recipe, created by monks who lives in a convent a long time ago. For many centuries the mix of herbs has shown its powerful work and amazing results by helping people get rid of their constipation problems. The secret mix of herbs recently has been rediscovered and from now on will be available for everyone who wants to recover from this colon problem in a very simple way.

The herbs of natural source can be taken without any risk of side effects, addiction or habituation.

Just start taking 1 grain with some water after dinner. The next morning you’ll see how it goes… You can increase up to 5 grains, until you find your personal dose. The right dose for you will be different from the right dose of someone else.

As there are so many products available that claim solving this problem, people don’t know what to choose. That’s why you can obtain some samples FOR FREE in order to try it! For only € 5 (i.e. packing, shipping) you can order these samples and shortly will be convinced of this great formula.

The original recipe has now been reproduced and a lot of users sent their personal testimonials after trying it.

Because of the amazing results the constipation clear formula is worth being shown to the whole world.

Ingrediënts ClearConstipation Formula

a natural mix of herbs

Aloë Vera, Sacred Bark, Buckthorn, Cinnamon, Propolis, Chinese Rhubarb, Vervain, Cloves

Constipation clear formula contains a mix of herbs. These herbs of natural source can be taken without any risk of side effects, addiction or habituation.

Try ‘ClearConstipation’ grains… and you’ll have nothing to loose but your constipation!

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